The Marschall Lab

Our research group, headed by Prof. Dr. Tobias Marschall, mainly works on genome data science, with a focus on novel algorithms and software tools for computational genomics. We address computational challenges arising from latest sequencing technologies to further our understanding of genomic variation and their consequences on phenotypic variation and disease. Over the past years, a special emphasis has been on methods for haplotype reconstruction, genome assembly, structural variation analysis, pangenomics and single-cell genomics.


The Marschall Lab website is online

September 12, 2021

Our new group website is online! Thanks to free software and the work of Adam Phillippy’s lab, the “perfect wheel” already existed and we did not have to reinvent anything!

Recurrent inversion polymorphisms in humans associate with genetic instability and genomic disorders
Cell, May 26, 2022
Porubsky D, Höps W, Ashraf H, Hsieh P, Rodriguez-Martin B, Yilmaz F, Ebler J, Hallast P, Maria MFA, Harvey WT, Henning B, Audano PA, Gordon DS, Ebert P, Hasenfeld P, Benito E, Zhu Q, Lee C, Antonacci F, Steinrücken M, Beck CR, Sanders AD, Marschall T, Eichler EE, Korbel JO
Benchmarking challenging small variants with linked and long reads
Cell Genomics, May 11, 2022
Wagner J … Ebert P, Marschall T … Zook JM
Haplotype-resolved assembly of a tetraploid potato genome using long reads and low-depth offspring data
bioRxiv, May 10, 2022
Serra Mari R, Schrinner S, Finkers R, Arens P, Schmidt MH, Usadel B, Klau GW, Marschall T


A short-read genotyper for various types of genetic variants (such as SNPs, indels and structural variants) represented in a pangenome graph.


A tool for read-based phasing.


A tool to align long reads to genome graphs.


Minimizer based sparse de Bruijn Graph constructor